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The Banfield Family Collection of Barometers

Edwin Banfield

£6.95 (paperback) + £3.00 p&p

The Banfield Family Collection of Barometers


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This is an illustrated guide to the barometers collected by Edwin Banfield over a period of 25 years. It contains more than 300 photographs of 280 stick, wheel and aneroid barometers and barographs made between 1680 and 1970. The book includes an introduction to the collection and a short description of each instrument, including the estimated date of manufacture.

The collection includes domestic stick or cistern tube barometers, angle tube barometers, marine barometers, station, scientific and mountain barometers, double- and multiple-tube barometers, sympiesometers, Admiral Fitzroy barometers, wheel or banjo barometers, Bourdon metallic barometers, Vidie aneroid barometers, barographs, storm glasses and weather houses, and other meteorological instruments.

The Banfield Family Collection of Barometers was displayed at Barometer World and Museum, Merton, Devon for ten years from 1995 to 2005. It was then sold at auction by Dreweatts in 2007 and was dispersed.

ISBN 978-0-948382-10-9
235 x 155 mm ix + 150 pp 313 illus.
£6.95 (paperback)
First published 1995

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